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Premium Big Game Hunting & Fishing in Southwest Montana

Your Montana Adventure Starts Here​!

Archery and rifle guided hunting trips and walk/wade/float fly fishing trips.

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Client Testimonials

So lets set this up...Left WV on the 19th of September headed for Livingston for what we hoped would be an archery hunt dead in the middle of bugle time, Little did we know we nailed it. Arrived at the lodge Sunday morning to settle in and do some evening glassing/hunting. Watched quite a few elk at a distance that night. Monday evening was my first encounter. Guide called in a bull from 1500 yards, I couldn't believe how fast one could close the distance if interested. It was a young 4x5 that gave me an opportunity to practice on. I drew on him and settled my pins, made the conscience decision to let him walk (my 6&8 year old sons would have made fun of me).

 Wednesday I had 2 spikes and a rag horn called into 15 yards, I could hear them breathing...intense. Little did I know what day #5 had in store for me. We got started well before day break, Bulls were going crazy and not just one...many! I'd been elk hunting before but never had I been lucky enough to hear any bugle...didn't know what I'd been missing.  We watched and worked a bull for a good hour before we had his undivided attention. Setup in anticipation for the real action to begin. 15 minutes later I had a mature bull @43 yards looking strait in my direction bugling his a** off. I've done quite a few things in my life but all pale in comparison to how this moment felt! It was a moment filled with adrenaline just short of convulsions and (s*****g) your pants.  Above is a great trophy I was given the opportunity to harvest with the help of first rate guide and caller Jesse Banthem of Banthem Outfitting!"  

Chad Longo, West Virginia

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