Premium Big game hunting in Southwest Montana 


           High quality meals three times daily prepared by our seasoned camp cook.

  • Meals typically run as followed:
    • Bacon, ham, eggs, breakfast burritos, protein bars or fruit to get you ready for the morning hunt.
    • We return back to base camp for lunch to enjoy burgers, cheese steak subs, tacos/fajitas, soup, and or cold sandwiches. Hefty sack lunch provided for all day excursions.
    • An appetite is worked up on your evening hunt and waiting at base camp will be prime cuts of smoked/grilled meats, spaghetti or fried chicken accompanied with all the sides and fixings. 
    • Custom meal plans are available for any health or allergy reasons 
  • We have previously used wall tents, cabins and a base lodge and will still offer some of those amenities as spike lodging on some of our leases. New base lodging for the 19' season will be located in the beautiful Paradise Valley, south of Livingston, MT on our Ranch. It will have a full bath, laundry, kitchenette, sleeping quarters and living area.
  • Top notch local guides that have a true understanding of terrain, species and positive client experience.
  • Multiple modes of transportation including mostly foot travel, side by side utility vehicles, 4x4 pickups and seasoned livestock for rare tough animal retrievals. 
  • We encourage you to drive, but if you choose to fly please rent a car and meet us at our place south of livingston. Usually Sundays at 12:00pm.